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Two questions skillfully Katrina tries to address are those involving Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan. While in the case of Ranbir, she retains a scholar silence, he got to talk a little about her one time mentor, Salman Khan.
For someone who has been his friend, mentor and even alleged one-time lover, Katrina share a bond of respect with Salman today.
When asked about the exact nature of the relationship he shares with Salman, Katrina said, “A relationship or friendship or equation between two people never needs to be defined. It is important only to two people involved know what the equation is. With regard to Salman, what I think is that there are a lot of respect between us and I’m sure you can see that. And for me, respect is very important in any equation factor. The fact that there is respect says enough and there is no need to say anything more than that. “