The actress Kangana Ranaut lavished praise actress Sonam Kapoor and her sister Rhea, indicating that they are doing well in the world of glamor and style that keeps you engaged and inspired us.
“There are many people who work ceaselessly in the style and glamor of the actors, but are unsung heroes. There are so many stylists who really work hard as Ami Patel or Anaita Shroff but I feel these days everyone is smart because these unsung heroes, “Kangana said when asked about his style icon industry in the launch of Grazia magazine cover featuring her.
“I would give these ladies credit for our style, and apart from that, Rhea and Sonam are doing very well in the world of style and glamor. To continue all very committed and very inspired with his style.
Both Kangana and Sonam are considered fashionistas, including most fashionable actresses in the industry.
On your definition of style, she said… “The style is much about his own interpretation of his own world, like the way we perceive the world and what is fashion is an extension of himself is something where put out there for the world to know who you are as an individual … more than your body, your voice, your skin, there is much more to you, that is where comes in fashion. ”
Kangana recently won the National Award for best actress for her performance in the film Tanu Weds Manu returns.