What if we tell you that Shah Rukh Khan is going to organize a party and that he is invited? As previously reported, King Khan has filmed for a few films to promote Dubai tourism. The actor, who was seized as ambassador for the Dubai Tourism brand, has shared some glimpses, inviting his fans to be his guest in the city of the United Arab Emirates. In fact, we have some exclusive photos of the shoot. These stills have been published by the actor’s fan club and will make everyone excited.
After portraying several characters on the screen, the actor has assumed the role of a chef and waiter for his guests. In these stills, the actor can be seen serving food, in fact – he is also doing some. SRK posted a brief glimpse of his tourism promotional videos and wrote, “I really enjoyed the making of the films that will follow. Real live interaction with people.” It was a few days ago when the Dubai Tourism and Commerce Department had announced a collaboration with the Bollywood superstar for a series of short films.