TANK: At least seven people were killed and many others suffered shrapnel wounds after a hand Granada went in the midst of the celebrations of the elections here late on Sunday night,

Initial reports are that the tragedy happened supporters Wali Khan, an independent candidate, his victory revel in elections of local bodies of the city Kari Haider tank.

“Khan cohorts were singing, dancing, shooting, and chanting slogans at the time of the explosion that turned their sprees in horror. There was blood all over the place and the wounded were screaming at the top of his lungs,” a witness face told Samaa.

According to sources, the holidays, which means wild celebratory gunfire, were in full swing when the bomb exploded. in the remote area.

“It is not clear whether it was an attack or an accident,” the sources said.

As rescue services were not available in the remote area, local residents themselves rushed the dead and injured to District Headquarters Hospital tank.

More details are on the way.