Quetta: The authors ‘Mastung Massacre’ will be brought to justice at all costs.

A vote in the above sense was taken at a conference of high-level security conference at the headquarters of the Southern Command chaired by the Commander of the Southern Command, Major General Azhar Hayat Naveed Khan, here on Saturday.

According to Inter Services Public Relations (ISPR), the meeting reviewed the security situation and hash out the future course of action following a deadly attack in which gunmen disguised as securitymen killed 22 passengers on Friday night.

The ISPR quoted participants of the meeting unanimously as saying that terrorist groups were, in fact, seeking the pernicious agenda spymaster India Research and Wing (RAW) Analysis.

“Mastung carnage was aimed at sowing the seeds of hatred between Pashtuns and Balochs”, the ISPR said quoting a minute of the conference.

Security chiefs also warned citizens to be aware of the designs of the enemy.

“We call on people in general to thwart enemies offers increasingly forging unity among their ranks,” they said.

Inspector General of Police Balochistan, Additional Inspector General, Division Commissioner Quetta, the top military and civilian officials attended the meeting.