Salman Khan got away with it again. This time, over-age Bollywood brat was acquitted by the High Court of Rajasthan, in two cases of poaching. Cases lasted 18 long years and ended with an acquittal.
Twitter believe anyone killed the chinkaras, a gun in the head was taken. We believe that something else was killed and mentioning exactly what can get us jail for contempt. From $ scarce here – black or otherwise – it would be advisable to keep our peace.
Only this time, we can not. Salman seems to get away with everything – literally everything – and remain the favorite of millions of people in the process. The man was acquitted of killing an endangered species on Monday before being acquitted for killing a man and wounding others and the famous cases where physically attacked her friends – reportedly, of course – cut never met or police.
Before his last film came out, he compared his training to be raped. Yes, in the post-Nirbhaya, post-Stanford world in which even sexist and so to know better. Therefore, there were people out on the streets against him were there protests? No, instead Sultan said India was earning enough to support Salman Khan Bollywood first among equals.