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Actress Raima Sen is very interested in that as a filmmaker Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mani Ratnam noted comes on board to direct a biopic of her famous grandmother, deceased actress Suchitra Sen.
The actress Vidya Balan is said to have rejected the offer to play the title role in the biopic.
Talking about it, Raima said.. “I’ve been in talks with some producers and two years for the biopic of my grandmother Vidya Balan was approached for the role, but due to some problems date, she refused I want the film biographical my grandmother was done and I want to be led by any of Sanjay Leela Bhansali and Mani Ratnam “.
Vidya had stated in a media report that although he would have liked to test a legend like Suchitra Sen on the screen, but there is no physical resemblance to her. Besides that, I felt that since it was going to be a Bengali film, Raima could make the best paper.
Raima performance has been appreciated in films like “Parineeta”, “Eklavya- The Royal Guard”, “Honeymoon Travel Pvt Ltd” and “Chokher Bali”. She has recently participated in “Bollywood Diaries”.
On his own journey in the industry, said: “I was from a film background, so getting a break in Bollywood was easy, but I could not argue that because I was too lazy to be on my toes in the film industry.