Raaz Restart, featuring Emraan Hashmi, Crete Kharbanda and Gaurav Arora opened with a collection of Rs 6.30 crore. Despite receiving mixed reviews from fans and critics, the film Vikram Bhatt horror made a good deal on individual screens and mass circuits. The film, released on Friday (September 16), effectively raised higher compared to Rosa also released the same day.
However, on Saturday, restart Raaz had to face the fight at the box office and therefore refused collections. The film earned Rs 5.49 cr. Saturday, making a total of Rs 11.79 cr. Thus, the collection of Sunday movie is crucial.
Director Vikram Bhatt has chosen deep, dark forests and other exotic places in Romania as the setting for this horror film.
In a recent interview, the director Vikram, whose past few 3D movies of the creature, Mr. X and Love Games bombed at the box office, said the company is phobic failure. “I feel it’s okay if his few previous films did not work. Sometimes the ideas work and sometimes not. I think we are just a failed society phobic. We make every effort to ensure they do not fail, but the only way not fail is not to make a movie, “Vikram said.
“I’ve always tried to do something different. I’m trying to give something back to the public all the time. They may like or do not like, but you can not doubt my intentions,” he added.