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“Citylights” the Patralekhaa actress, who will be in an opposite role in his next film – “Love Games” Bhatt Vikram says it is reluctant to call herself a bold actress.
“I am very averse to the word bold. ‘Love Games’ is a film that shows the reality. We all know swingers in Bollywood are something that is widespread in all,” the actress said in the press conference of the film.
Patralekhaa I will test the role of Ramona, which is dangerous, materialistic and a sexual predator wearing a immoral lifestyle unlike his first film.
About preparing for the role, she said: “Without the guidance of Vikram sir, I do not think I can pull this off I had to dive deep into the pain inside me, I really did not know existed when I came back.. (Mahesh) Bhatt Saab told me something I will not forget. He said, ‘I’ve scratched the surface and not much else there. “on the last day of shooting, Vikram man told me,’ Do not be afraid to feel pain.