Alia Bhatt says that although the content is king, the love of people for her and her films “means more” to her.
“The content is King. So if your movie is good, it will do it right, but for me it’s all about love.I’m not completely close to criticism.I do not read too many comments, but sometimes people send me stuff and I I feel it is important to get the love but also to get the hate, you have to balance it, “he said when asked to choose between commercial success or critical acclaim.
As for criticism, Alia said, “Someone may like your movie and somebody does not like it, it has to be completely open about it. So I’m open to that, I can feel bad from time to time, but it’s okay.”
“Love is important to me. Sometimes people randomly come to me and talk about my films, role and characters, I think that’s what it means to me,” Alia said.