Veteran Hindu actor Om Puri passed away on Friday after a severe heart attack. But such harrowing news resonated in all the cinematographic industries with acting qualities. The 66-year-old player, who had acted predominantly in the Hindi film industry, had also made his presence felt not only in Bollywood but in the film industries from Punjab to three or four “forests” in the south. Taking out Padma Shri, national awards and multiple international awards, FTII and NSD student acted even in Hollywood movies. Puri has a distinctive distinction for his performance to achieve perfection and his distinctive deep guttural voice accentuating his gaze.
But Puri was not limited to Bhavni Bhavai, Sadgati, Ardh Satya, Mirch Masala and Dharavi of Bollywood, acted in about 15 regional language films, others in Hindi, while three of his projects are in the shooting stage. The actor began his film career with the film Marathi Ghashiram Kotwal in 1972, just after he fainted from FTII in Pune.