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Actor and director Nandita Das does not like the arbitrary process of the censorship board, but prefers the movie rating system.
“Censorship is a very dangerous tool for 5-6 people decide which two million Indians should see. You may not like something, I like, what I like, someone does not like. We have to trust people, so that we can collectively decide what is wrong and what is right.
“Anyway everything is available on the Internet. That is why remodeling censorship, Shyam Benegal was formed and his team. I hope that the rating system is there, so there five individuals randomly decide what it is right and what is wrong, “Nandita told a roundtable at the Festival Kashish.
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Superstar Aamir Khan has previously supported the classification system, a system followed in some foreign countries where the film, according to its content, is certified or rated as to what age group can see it.
Nandita has had its fair share of problems with the censorship board. His film “Fire” along with Shabana Azmi, based on a lesbian relationship, faced problems with the board and so did her directorial debut “Firaaq” which represents the Gujarat riots 2002, and reportedly was banned before that finally he allowed to be released.