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Katrina Kaif interview presents an interesting challenge. For starters, she will not answer any questions about his alleged split with Ranbir Kapoor. Therefore, we decided to take a different path and Katrina ended up dropping some subtle clues about what could have possibly gone wrong. All we had to do was read between the lines. Excerpts from the conversation.
Question: Katrina, have you ever been unlucky in love?
Katrina: (repeats the question) Have I ever been unlucky in love..hmm..anyone who has experienced love or been lucky in love regardless of the outcome. That’s as that way you can look at it. I have heard so many times people saying, ‘Oh, I’ve never been in love. “Yesterday I was talking to someone who said,” I have never felt such Fitoor or obsession or infatuation of a person. Therefore, I believe that anyone experiencing the love of his life is luck.