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Margarita, with a straw star “Kalki Koechlin feels Kangana Ranaut and Neha Dhupia have a wonderful sense of style. Kalki, 31, who was sensational for the designer Gaurav Gupta during the Amazonas India Couture Week was all praise for his contemporaries. “I Kangana is very smart … And Neha Dhupia also has a sense of aesthetics. I think its great style, “Kalki told reporters. Kalki looked radiant in a pink dress shoulder while walking down the ramp. With her hair in a bun and gold metal pieces that adorn their ears, actress “Dev D” shone in their discrete set. “I feel like a princess in this team. It’s lovely. It’s a beautiful dress. It is very different from what you normally do Gaurav. It makes a fairy tale elf to it. He is very good at using their imagination, “he said the actress. Gaurav said his collection entitled” silt and Cipher “was the closest to his personal style.” This show is called ‘limo and Cipher’. Silt is sand and the encrypting means zero. It began with thoughts of enchanted forests, my fantasy world in which we live. Kalki is my fairy. It is an attempt to make the line and haute couture collection, which is sophisticated. Was being more true to myself this time, “said Gaurav –