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A police complaint has been filed against Kamaal R. Khan also known as KRK, who has been in the headlines for their social networking updates and comments toward women in showbiz. FIR is presented in Versova by posting photos and comments about Bollywood heroines on Facebook and Twitter disparaging.
ANI FIR tweeted confirming the news. According to other reports, Mumbai-based lawyer Rizwan Siddiqui filed the complaint against KRK in Versova police station for posting nasty comments against the actresses and models in Twitter. It is alleged that the self-proclaimed critic of cinema has harassed more than 18 actresses on the Internet since 2012.
KRK has been booked under Sections 354 and 309 of the Penal Code of India.
This is not the first time such KRK has landed in trouble. Vikram Bhatt director had stuck a defamation case against him for his derogatory comments toward women in showbiz and had to apologize.
In recent times, Bhatt has been vocal in Khan hit.
In response to statements by Bhatt in the dispute, then Khan tweeted:
“Today I saw TheVikramBhatt in TheQuint n-KRK said he has great power of social media so you must decide if you want be..Cont ..”
“Recognized as a unique control or n respected critic I am 100% agree with your statement. So thank you for showing TheVikramBhatt right way.”