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Director Kabir Khan, who was jeered by protesters brandishing today Pakistani shoe at Karachi airport, has asked the media to ignore the protesters. Terming like crazy screaming, Kabir Khan tweeted, “For the media on both sides… 12 crazy screaming with mobile phone cameras is not news Please do not give them the attention they want Ignore” In a video on the website of Pakistan, Kabir Khan is facing vociferous protests from a dozen Pakistani people who raised loud slogans against Bollywood director to make films that felt beaten Pakistan. Shame on you, “shouted protesters as Kabir Khan quietly made his way into the airport premises. At one time, Kabir can hear one of the protesters, but in vain. As Kabir headed toward the entrance of the airport exit, a man brandished his shoe in front of the face of the director while shouting slogans the protests died down once walked Kabir safely inside the airport.