The actress Kangana Ranaut says today women are seen to assume different roles in the film industry and she feels that this is a sign of women empowerment in the country. The 29-year-old actress recalled that when he started his career 10 years ago, had almost no assistant director or editor out there, but that’s not the case anymore.
“When I started ten years ago, it used to be rare to find a lady assistant director or an editor of a woman …
But if you go to a movie system, which is completely absorbed by women now. So these are women who are inspiring these stories (training of women), “he said at the launch of the flagship store FitHub Reebok India here.
Kangana feels even importance of women as consumers of entertainment has increased enormously in recent years. When asked if the mentality of people has changed from girls with short clothes, she said, “At least we put across to people with this mindset that if you want to try a different child than a male child or believe that the character of the girl is just about the length of your pants or skirt, then I think a background person must know that the way we’re judging this person. “