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Actor Anil Kapoor, who has three children, believes that parenting is an evolutionary process.
When asked what the most important lesson he taught his three sons – actress Sonam Kapoor, producer Rhea Kapoor and Harshvardhan Kapoor – Anil told IANS. “Fatherhood does not stop at teaching a lesson or a lesson is a evolving process. ”
He also believes that “the entire film industry is like a family for me where I have the support of many and given to many. We will continue to do so.”
The actor, who was seen as the father of gray hair in his latest film “Dil Dhadakne Do”, which explored the relationship between a brother and sister, and also focused on gender equality, had released the new impact numbers P & G Shiksha where to date, P & G Shiksha built and supported over 450 schools.
“India is at a stage where all problems are emerging in its true form, and towards the resolution of the major problems that have prevailed for a while. The problems can not be solved by individuals but by the people of country and efforts as Shiksha. I am willing to give my support to all causes for the improvement of India, “he said.
Would you like to play a master screen in the short term, or be part of a film with a strong social message?
“Absolutely … I love it. In fact, it is a great idea and will bounce off my producer-daughter Rea”, said “Mr India” star, whose constant endeavor is to give your audience “something every time. “