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Zid actress “Mannara Chopra says that every film of his cousin stars Priyanka Chopra is a milestone.
Asked about the best movies of Priyanka, Mannara said.. “I like a couple of his films One is ‘! Barfi’, and the second is ‘Aitraaz’, which was very different each of his films is a milestone for so there are several other films. ”
Would you like to steal any role Priyanka?
“I do not think I can steal any part of my sister, but I can learn a lot from it and I can adapt to learning in my next films,” he said.
Mannara shared sister to have a star leads to increase in the expectations of the people.
“Bur should be zealous in you. If you do not have that zeal for you, then there is no support system can help,” he said.
She said that the role of Priyanka in “Bajirao Mastani” impressed.
“I went to the trial of ‘Bajirao Mastani’ and not because she is my sister I have to appreciate it. But I really enjoyed his performance. From what he said in the film, I felt that it conveys much more than that and I was impressed by that, “he said.