Actor Sonu Sood began as a model before venturing into the entertainment industry in 1999 with the Tamil film Kallazhagar, and his films has recently been reinforced by an international project with Jackie Chan icon. Looking back at his career, Sonu says while performance was always his passion, he took the modeling just to survive in showbiz.
As a model, Sonu had participated in the contest Graviera Mr. India in 1996, but did not wear the crown. However, just over 15 years later, Graviera chose him as its brand ambassador.
Is the fashion industry a platform for models to enter Bollywood?
“Yes, it is definitely a station closer to Bollywood. I started as a model just to survive. I did not even know a single soul in this city (Mumbai). There is no connection in Bollywood, never met anyone so where start … so, I thought modeling (it was the best option) to pay monthly rents and daily expenses, “Sonu told IANS by telephone from Mumbai.