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Daisy Shah, who is currently filming for the franchise sensuous’ Hate third installment of the story, she says she has no misgivings about turning sensual and the bad guy. “The players should not have any limitations, is what I heard and learned. So if you’re playing a character, you are that character. So if it is a requirement of the film to convert sensual, that’s fine. If is turning evil, right, “Daisy said when asked about his character in” Hate Story 3 “to media persons at the birthday party of her friend Elli Avram. Daisy had previously played the love interest of Salman Khan in his debut “Jai Ho,” a role of a sweet, nice girl. On his character in “Hate Story 3,” she said, “I will not be able to reveal much, but all I can say is that this character is completely different to the character I played in ‘Jai Ho’ –