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Nawazuddin Siddiqui, in his performances everyman roles in Bollywood but feels that the greatest stories do not focus on the gray emotions and are only comedy or melodrama.
Best known for his roles in “Kahaani”, “Gangs of Wasseypur”, “Talaash” Siddiqui still feel that the Hindi film does not explore ‘ras’ nau (nine) emotions that exist in ” Natyaashashtra.
“People go and see a movie, either laughing or expect it to be an emotional one. In our films, we only work on two or three emotions but there are five and six other emotions in the Natyashastra but our industry works very least it . These are the most difficult emotions to present on the big screen, “Siddiqui told PTI.
Citing Hollywood veteran Robert De Niro, star of “Manjhi” said “Like Robert De Niro has said, ‘a person hides his emotions publicly.” But in the movies, they are acting deliberately. In my case, I prefer to do this kind of papers which do not have to show my emotions a lot. ”
In “Freaky Ali,” Siddiqui, who has dealt mainly with intense roles, will be making a full-fledged comic role for the first time and the actor says he prefers it effortlessly.
“We have this tendency of comedy here that actors make strange faces on the big screen, use perforated lines and put much effort to make the public laugh. According to me, it should not be so … That effort should not be there” , He said.
Siddiqui, 42, also believes that the most important roles in life are easy to interpret rather than playing common parts.