This week, Dangal revolves around the female fight, but her commercial prospects totally depend on her male star Aamir Khan wide – perhaps not so wide after all, what with all the extra flesh on the bone gone – shoulders. Aamir’s reputation as a ruthless media strategist is an open secret.
Dangal movie review
Whether it’s an overly puffed movie in a movie (CC: Taare Zameen Par and Dhobi Ghat) or a song-eye candy theme (Delhi Belly), it eclipses everyone in broadcasting media. Even in a Raju Hirani movie, Aamir Khan is Raju Hirani. A film by Aamir does not always belong to Aamir, but is still released as a vehicle of Aamir Khan. Like anyone who knows Hindi cinema remotely, you will know that, contrary to other stars who are on the 24/7 media radar Aamir is active in the backlight circuit just weeks before the crucial release And is withdrawn in brief order once he has secured the script of the movie at 300 crore-dom. It is this absence between films that nourishes and sustains the interest of the audience in Aamir.