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KARACHI: Shoaib Shaikh AXACT CEO, who joined the cardio section Saturday night Jinnah Hospital, has again shifted to anti-trafficking in human cells of the Federal Criminal Investigation Agency (FIA) Corporate Circle (CCC ).

Shoaib Shaikh is in custody of the FIA ​​for investigations of fraud fake degree from Wednesday (May 27), when he was taken into custody along with six directors of the company.

Shaikh was brought to the emergency room of the hospital where he was transferred to the cardiology section.

He was hospitalized after he felt pain in his chest. Then conducted various medical tests, including ECG, doctors declared him whole. However, Sheikh wanted to move to the Aga Khan Hospital for medical checkup satisfactory; However, the FIA ​​rejected their request.

It is worth mentioning here that after prolonged interrogation that lasted more than 13 hours, CEO AXACT Shoaib Shaikh, along with six directors of the company, was taken into custody in the scam fake degree by the FIA ​​in small hours of Wednesday.

A local court returned back into the custody of the FIA ​​until 4 June.

An FIR has also been brought against the Shaikh. Terms of Pakistan Penal Code, crimes of money laundering and cyber included in the FIR. Sheikh Shoaib’s brother-in-law and vice president of the company have also been booked in the case.