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A teacher in a city Marathi Urdu-speaking, the character of Professor Manoj Bajpayee Siras about love and living a lonely life. In the recently released the highly anticipated film, Aligarh promo, there is nothing to suggest that the intimacy between two people of the same sex, let alone explaining the theme of the film – homosexuality, which unfortunately remains an act decriminalized in India.
However, the Central Board of Film Certification (CBFC) gave the promo a certificate “adult”, said the director of the film, Hansal Mehta, in the launch trailer Thursday. The reason, he later told The Indian Express, is primarily the subject of the film.
Noting the branch of this movement CBFC, Apurva Asrani, film writer and editor, says the film promo can not be connected to 90 percent of the screening of films in theaters or shown on TV until after 10pm. Calling it a homophobic movement by the CBFC, adds, “In a time when there is a need for a debate on the subject, we are being silenced.”