Over and over again we have heard Ranveer Singh, the live animator, who expresses his love and respect for the star of Dangal Aamir Khan. We also saw how Ranveer praised Aamir Khan’s sports drama, Dangal, and shared his love for him by saying that the Bollywood superstar “has a childlike wonder.”
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And in a recent video shared by India Today, we see Ranveer prepared to host his favorite actor. The teaser video where Ranveer is giving an endless introduction to the actor is super exciting to watch. In the video, the actors are seen entering the frame and Ranveer says: “A great music must be played to welcome this actor”. Ranveer further confesses that he did many homework for this interactive session with him with Aamir, who might have never done it.
Introducing Aamir and praising him for all his work, Ranveer said: “The game changer, the most powerful creative force in Hindi cinema.” But Ranveer did not stop here. He goes on to say, “One of the talents that have adorned the silver screen in India.”
A brave and brave man, the most successful megastar of Hindi cinema are the other adjectives Ranveer uses for the Perfectionist and Aamir is ashamed.